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We stands at the forefront of innovation and service, weaving a tapestry of growth across sectors.

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Creating spaces that inspire, endure, and contribute positively to the communities they serve.

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From dreamy escapes to unforgettable adventures, let us curate your journey to the world's most enchanting destinations.

Welcome to Anirudh Group of Companies

Anirudh Group of Companies stands at the forefront of innovation and service, weaving a tapestry of growth across sectors. From strategic business insights at Anirudh Business Consultancy, bridging digital divides with Anirudh Public E-Services, shaping skylines at Anirudh Builders and Developers, to fostering community well-being through Anirudh Charitable Trust. Expanding horizons with Anirudh International Recruitment Company, delivering excellence across borders with Anirudh International Pvt Ltd, and curating unforgettable journeys at Anirudh Dream Destinations - we are united in our vision to create a better tomorrow for all.


Our clients say

Happy Customers! Because, we deliver what we promise.
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Elsa Delcroix

Bijoux Fantaisie, France

Anirudh International exceeded our expectations in sourcing highly skilled professionals for our international projects. Their meticulous screening process ensured we received candidates perfectly aligned with our requirements. Their professionalism and dedication made our recruitment process seamless, and we highly recommend their services.

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Luke Reeves

American Family Care, USA

Partnering with Anirudh International was a game-changer for our company's global expansion. Their expertise in navigating complex international recruitment processes saved us valuable time and resources. From visa assistance to cultural integration support, they provided comprehensive solutions that helped us build a strong, diverse team.

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Jacqueline Kenneth

St John of God Hospitals, Australia

Anirudh International's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of their service. Their team went above and beyond to understand our unique staffing needs and deliver tailored solutions. Thanks to their proactive approach and industry knowledge, we found the perfect candidates to drive our overseas projects to success.

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Rakesh Sharma

RS Enterprices, Mumbai, India

An absolute delight working with Anirudh Builders! Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is commendable. From inception to completion, they exceeded our expectations. Kudos to the team for delivering our dream home on time!

Highly recommend them for any construction project.